Company Info

We create a successful gold business
with ICT technology, art and finance.

  • "HANCOM GOLD EXCHANGE INC." builds the bright and transparent
    future of the digital gold ecosystem with 18 years of gold trading know-how
    and cutting-edge ICT-based converging technologies of HANCOM group.
  • We provide gold trading service available online and offline through our unique mobile app and offline shops across the country.


  • Physical bullion business
    • Partnered with middle wholesalers, jewelry factories and etc
    • Supplying physical bullions with 999.9% purity
  • Hancom Digital Asset Trading Service
    • Allows selling/buying digital gold at the best bid/offer price (0.1g unit)
    • Available anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices
    • Withdraw your physical gold from your account
  • Buying Gold Offline
    • Buy gold at shops from Hancom Exchange affiliates
    • Gold Card with build-in HanQ technology
      (Custom Gold Card, Gift Gold Card and etc)
  • Business Physical buillion business

    Hancom Gold Exchange is supplying physical bullions
    with 999.9% purity through its knowledge and expertise
    under the partnership with various partners including
    middle wholesalers and jewelry factories.

  • Digital Hancom Digital Asset Service

    The new approach for trading gold enables buying and
    selling digital gold at the best bid/offer price easily and safely.

  • Store Offline gold shops

    Offline shops by the affiliates of Hancom Gold Exchange are
    available where you can purchase pure gold products
    (custom gold card, gift gold card, 1st birthday ring, etc.)
    with built-in HanQ technology.

  • Blockchain Digital Warranty Issuance

    Transparent and transparent recording of products
    with HanQ technology to issue reliable digital guarantees